Change Your Life for the Better in 2018: Abandon the White Nationalist Movement

Unlike most of our posts, this one is addressed to our readers within fascist and white nationalist movements. We know you check this blog from time to time.

The New Year is traditionally a time for new beginnings, when we resolve to make positive changes in our lives. The white nationalist movement is a threat to marginalized communities and working class movements, but ultimately it also harms its own participants. Some people are doubtlessly looking back at their involvement in organized white nationalism in 2017 — comparing that movement’s false promises with its actual results — and are now considering getting out. Have your career goals, interpersonal relationships and general well-being really improved since you became involved in the movement? If they haven’t, keep in mind that “the red pill” isn’t the magical, irreversible transformation that your leaders pretend. “Red pill magic” is just their convenient concept to keep the donations flowing. People can and do leave your movements all the time, and many have already left this year. You may have already noticed the decrease in online engagement.

We cannot promise that leaving your movement will be easy, but it will always be the best decision in the long term. Our organization does not have the capacity to mentor and counsel those leaving the white nationalist movement, but fortunately organizations such as Exit USA exist. Reach out to them.

We promise to leave former white nationalists alone, once it is clear that they have sincerely left the movement. There is a time-honored way of establishing with our group that you have abandoned organized racism: simply send us an email, provide an account of your time in the movement (what you did, with what people, when), and be willing to answer some follow-up questions. We want to facilitate your exit. If there are other parties you have injured while in the movement, we cannot accept ammends on their behalf. But we will make sure that our group places no hurdles in your way as you make a positive change in your life.

For a better 2018, reach out for support as you leave the movement. If you are in our region, send us a message with the good news.