Documentation: Racist and Far-Right Stickers around Georgia State University Campus, Fall 2015

Dates are for when the stickers were photographed. All stickers were removed after being photographed.

This photo archive does not contain every racist/far-Right sticker placed around the GSU campus. Other people not involved with this blog have also noticed the far-Right propaganda campaign.

Those stickers photographed in November were likely placed weeks earlier, but were concealed for some time when posters for local events were placed over them.

August 13, 2015:

2015-08-13September 2, 2015:

2015-09-02_A 2015-09-02_BSeptember 14, 2015:


September 16, 2015:

2015-09-16_A2015-09-16_B2015-09-16_CSeptember 17, 2015:

2015-09-17_A 2015-09-17_B 2015-09-17_C 2015-09-17_D 2015-09-17_E 2015-09-17_FSeptember 18, 2015:

2015-09-18September 21, 2015:

2015-09-21_A 2015-09-21_B 2015-09-21_C 2015-09-21_D 2015-09-21_ESeptember 23, 2015:

2015-09-23_A 2015-09-23_B 2015-09-23_C 2015-09-23_DSeptember 24, 2015:

2015-09-24_A 2015-09-24_B 2015-09-24_C 2015-09-24_D 2015-09-24_E 2015-09-24_F 2015-09-24_G 2015-09-24_H 2015-09-24_I 2015-09-24_J 2015-09-24_K 2015-09-24_L 2015-09-24_M 2015-09-24_N 2015-09-24_O 2015-09-24_POctober 1, 2015:

2015-10-01_A 2015-10-01_B 2015-10-01_C 2015-10-01_D 2015-10-01_E 2015-10-01_F 2015-10-01_GOctober 7, 2015:

2015-10-07_A 2015-10-07_B 2015-10-07_C 2015-10-07_D 2015-10-07_EOctober 8, 2015:

2015-10-08_A 2015-10-08_B 2015-10-08_C 2015-10-08_D 2015-10-08_E 2015-10-08_F 2015-10-08_G 2015-10-08_H 2015-10-08_I 2015-10-08_J 2015-10-08_KOctober 12, 2015:

2015-10-12October 15, 2015:

2015-10-15_A 2015-10-15_B 2015-10-15_C 2015-10-15_D 2015-10-15_E 2015-10-15_F 2015-10-15_G 2015-10-15_H 2015-10-15_I 2015-10-15_J 2015-10-15_KNovember 4, 2015:

2015-11-04 November 6, 2015: