White Nationalist Joshua Hitson Resigns from Whitewater High School (Fayetteville, GA)

The Fayette County Board of Education has confirmed that Joshua David Hitson resigned as a teacher at Whitewater High School on Friday, August 18. Hitson had been under investigation after anti-fascists released an extensive dossier on Hitson’s white power agitation and his pro-Nazi statements. Whitewater High School had known of this issue since at least May. Even after begrudgingly launching an investigation, Fayette County Board of Education denied that they had seen “legitimate evidence.” The school and the Board of Education should now apologize. Someone who promotes white nationalism and antisemitism cannot be put in charge of the education of our youth. In the end, it appears public pressure caused Hitson to leave Whitewater. The school and the Board of Education had plenty of time to ensure students were kept safe and treated fairly. Yet they allowed Hitson to leave on his own terms. They have not yet directly addressed that they employed a white nationalist for years.

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