Documentation: Far-Right Anti-Mask/Anti-Vax “Worldwide Freedom Rally”, Atlanta, July 24, 2021

For a detailed write-up of this event and more documentation, see Dirty South Right Watch’s coverage.

Racist and antisemitic anti-vaxxer Christopher Mark Head, who had promoted the rally and who we exposed before the event, did not show up at Piedmont Park on the day.

“Sailing to Denver”
Eugene Owens (AKA “Kilgore Rand”) of “I Do Not Comply” and rally organizer Karen Denise Cortes Hernandez (AKA “Kay P”). Read more here about Eugene Owens’ far-Right networking and his rock band Faithless Town’s COVID-19 disinformation efforts.
Eric Plasker

“I Do Not Comply” table
Timothy John Ray gave an intensely antisemitic speech blaming “international Sabbatian cabalists” for the pandemic. Ray also promoted Jew-hating propagandist David Icke during his speech. Ray’s United Intentions / UI Media was prominently advertised by the speakers’ tent.
Holly Terei of “No Left Turn in Education” – an organization that opposes anti-racist education and “critical race theory” – ranted about alleged trans indoctrination in schools.
Tracy Smart-Sweet provided a legal update for the anti-mask/anti-vax “I Do Not Comply”.
Carrie Madej
Shilo Harris
Libertarian Party Mises Caucus
Fringe Republican candidate for governor Kandiss Taylor, who promoted conspiracy theories and disinformation about the presidential election. “We are at war… we may not be firing guns yet,” stated Taylor.
Jonathan Garcia with umbrella and “Garcia for Governor” t-shirt.
William Beals of Chattanooga, Tennessee did security for the rally while wearing a t-shirt for the far-Right “Three Percenter” movement. Beals’ social media shows that he has an affinity for “peckerwood” or whites-only gang culture.
“Dr. Clown” with Mike Schaller. Schaller is active in “I Do Not Comply” and is listed as a member of Faithless Town rock group alongside I.D.N.C. leader Eugene Owens.

If you have more information on far-Right anti-mask/anti-vax/COVID-19 denial organizing in Georgia, please contact us.