Adam Davenport: Patriot Front and “Active Club” Racist Organizer in Metro Atlanta

Adam Ray Davenport (born May 16, 1989) of Derden Circle SW in Lilburn, metro Atlanta is a key member of Patriot Front in our state. Patriot Front (PF) formed in 2017 as a breakaway from the fascist Vanguard America group, in the immediate aftermath of the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. From the beginning of PF, our organization has documented its activity in our state and exposed its organizers. Davenport joined PF last year and quickly became one of its most committed members in our region.

Adam Davenport

In addition to his activity with Patriot Front, Davenport is behind the newly formed “Atlas Active Club” which claims to operate in metro Atlanta and north Georgia. The Active Club network provides a space for white nationalists to network with each other and to train for violence against their targets. Davenport is also an online propagandist for his white power cause, running a Substack account and a Telegram channel offering a “pro-White perspective” on events in metro Atlanta. This propaganda outlet regularly promotes PF and circulates updates from the local chapter.


On May 13, 2023, a Telegram account using the name “Tachi” posted to the discussion channel for White Lives Matter in Georgia. “Tachi” shared a link for the Atlanta Alternative channel, which he promoted as “a new […] page for […] news from a pro white perspective.” The Atlanta Alternative channel began just a couple of days earlier. One of the channel’s early posts celebrated “local Patriot Front activists” who had placed large stencil graffiti for the racist organization in Atlanta.

Investigating the “Tachi” account, we soon found that this account had an extensive comment history in a different Telegram discussion channel, affiliated with the “Fren Report” internet broadcast. In this channel, “Tachi” was open about his Patriot Front involvement. He posted pictures of himself, usually with his face obscured, and shared an image of his “white [nationalist and associated] books”—which becomes relevant later.

Photo posted by “Tachi” to “Fren Report” channel, May 2022.

Scrolling back long enough in the “Fren Report” channel, we located a January 2022 post by “Tachi” in which he mentioned receiving his copy of a small-press, underground comics anthology that published a comic by him. After some research, we located an Instagram page for Adam Davenport where he mentioned contributing to this same issue of the underground comics anthology. We further confirmed our identification of Davenport by comparing images of “Tachi” from the “Fren Report” discussion channel to those of Davenport on his Facebook account. Davenport provided additional verification this May, when he changed the banner image on his Facebook account to match the profile picture for “Colin Davis” on Substack. Davenport uses this “Davis” account for the Atlanta Alternative channel’s presence on Substack.

Personal History

Davenport is a recovering addict, writing last year to the “Fren Report” channel that he was scheduled to finish treatment in October after “7 years […] and 10 years on heroin before that.” Patriot Front is, at least officially, highly anti-drug and claims to help members to recover from unhealthy lifestyles. PF’s politics are based on hatred of other races and the belief that there is a Jewish conspiracy against white people. (PF typically uses code phrases and does not say “Jewish” directly.) PF and similar racist groups view drug abuse less as a problem within white communities than as the result of corrupting influences from outside. Racist movements can be attractive to some recovering addicts because they provide a clear sense of purpose, as well as a ready-made community supposedly outside the drug scene. However, because white supremacists blame drugs on imagined plots against the white race, they can offer no real solutions or guidance, only scapegoating. When white supremacists end up relapsing or abusing hard drugs, this gets hidden from view and treated as a shameful secret.

(Another example of this projection dynamic within Patriot Front is that while the organization participates in far-right campaigns portraying LGBTQ+ people as “groomers,” Patriot Front member Jared M. Boyce was recently sentenced on child porn charges… after getting arrested when Patriot Front tried to disrupt an LGBTQ+ Pride event in Idaho.) 

2022 comments from “Tachi” on his embrace of “NatSoc” politics

Davenport told the “Fren Report” discussion channel that he was raised as a racist, but that his father “went from a [racist] skin[head] to a race mixer in the span of 10 years” (comment of February 15, 2022). Davenport claimed that his father “turning into a race mixer” is what transformed Davenport into a full “NatSoc” (national socialist i.e., Nazi). Davenport also claimed that he has not talked with his father since this time. Davenport dates this full embrace of neo-Nazism to approximately 2009, which would mean he spent years as an active heroin user while also an ideological white supremacist. 

2022 “Fren Report” comment: “Tachi”/Davenport indirectly refers to 2011 firearm incident.

In 2011, during the time he claims he was on heroin, Adam Davenport shot a friend in the head. Davenport had been attempting to clear a handgun at his Derden Circle home and squeezed the trigger a couple of times before the gun finally went off, hitting his friend above the eye. “Tachi” indirectly referred to the incident in a 2022 comment on the Fren Report discussion channel, writing: “I know someone who got shot like that be careful bud” when another member of the channel mentioned a jammed round. Davenport was charged with Reckless Conduct as well as Pointing or Aiming Gun or Pistol At Another, but Gwinnett County authorities appear to have eventually dropped this prosecution. 

In the Telegram chat for neo-Nazi propagandist “Epic Danger,” “Tachi”/Davenport mentioned that he also faced criminal charges for Terroristic Threats. Davenport stated that he confronted a Black man who he claimed was “selling heroin […] to white kids.” Davenport wrote that authorities “tried to upgrade my terroristic threat to a hate crime” because Davenport used the n-word while threatening the man, but that charges “didn’t stick thankfully.” Online records show that Decatur Police arrested Davenport on a felony Terroristic Threats charge in May 2016. According to the timeline set out by Davenport in other comments, this incident would have been within a year or two of Davenport beginning methadone treatment for his heroin addiction. Rather than taking responsibility for the harm he did to himself and others while using heroin, Davenport’s ideology led him to shift all blame and anger to other races. 

Patriot Front

Comments made to the “Fren Report” discussion channel suggest that Davenport interviewed to join Patriot Front in April 2022. Even before he entered that organization, Davenport was active in white supremacist networks. For example, at the time he applied to PF, Davenport maintained a self-described “overtly racist” channel on Telegram, which he used to circulate files of neo-Nazi propaganda. 

Patriot Front stickers in Lilburn, 2022

Once he joined PF, Davenport threw himself into activity for the organization. At the end of May—after about a month in the organization—Davenport traveled to the Ozarks to participate in a Patriot Front training camp over the Memorial Day weekend. There, Davenport claims to have “met some of the Will2Rise guys,” referring to the clothing line for the violent Rise Above Movement

Patriot Front banner place banner in Atlanta, June 2022, likely painted in Davenport’s Lilburn driveway.

Davenport regularly places propaganda for Patriot Front. Unsurprisingly, Patriot Front stickers surfaced in Lilburn after Davenport joined the group. Davenport also traveled further afield with other members to place PF stencil graffiti or to hang banners promoting PF at overpasses. In a June 2022 comment to the “Fren Report” discussion channel, Davenport mentioned painting a large Patriot Front banner in his driveway with “the boys,” while “our new mixed couple moved in next door.” Davenport referred to one of the new neighbors with an anti-Black slur.

Patriot Front in Boston, July 2, 2022

Adam Davenport seems to have participated in at least two major national marches for PF in 2022. On Saturday, July 2, 2022, about one hundred PF members including Davenport marched through Boston, Massachusetts. Early on the morning of the third, Davenport told the “Fren Report” chat that “I am currently sleeping 8 deep in a 1 bed hotel.” He later added: “I gotta get like 3 h[ou]rs of sleep and drive 9 hours [and] I’m done.” This means that the group from Davenport’s regional PF network had made it slightly less than halfway back from Boston before stopping to rest at the hotel.

Patriot Front also held a Labor Day Weekend rally in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 3, 2022, when approximately 75 PF members marched through the downtown area. Davenport’s “Fren Report” comments suggest he was there. Davenport did not post in the chat for over 24 hours starting Friday evening. When he resurfaced on Saturday evening, Davenport asked another participant if he had seen “Indianapolis” and shared PF video clips from the rally that day. Davenport commented that another member of the chat, “Jamie,” had gone to the “NJP event” but “should of [sic] come hang out.” On the same day as the PF Indianapolis rally, the racist and antisemitic National Justice Party held a gathering at a private venue in South Vienna, Ohio. South Vienna is slightly over two hours away from Indianapolis. Davenport’s comment that “Jamie” should have come and hung out suggests that the two people were in the same general area at the time.

Still from video: Davenport on drive back to Georgia, July 17, 2022

In August 2022 before the Indianapolis rally, Davenport relocated from metro Atlanta to Birmingham, Alabama. Even before this move, Davenport had been traveling to Alabama for Patriot Front activity. A video shared by Davenport to the “Fren Report” channel on the evening of July 17, 2022 shows an as-yet unidentified member of Patriot Front in our state, “Conrad,” driving east on I-20 in Alabama on the way back to Georgia, with Davenport in the passenger seat. The two were presumably returning after a weekend of Patriot Front activity. On August 8, 2022, Davenport commented in the same chat that he had just done “a 40 ft stencil with one other dude this morning”—meaning the large stencil graffiti used by PF to advertise the racist group. Davenport painted this graffiti in or near Birmingham—subsequent comments reveal that he was in the city to line up his job there before his proper move later that month. Davenport continued to be active with PF while living in Alabama.

“Free Rob Rundo” graffiti in Atlanta, April 2023, left near site of Patriot Front stencils.

When Davenport returned to metro Atlanta this year, local Patriot Front activity increased. His Facebook account gives a date in March for his return to Lilburn, although this may or may not be exact. Starting this year, Patriot Front have placed stencil graffiti in Atlanta at a greater frequency than before, with tunnels and underpasses being particularly favorite targets. Occasionally, slogans associated with the violent Rise Above Movement—such as “Will 2 Rise” and “Free Rob Rundo”—are left near the PF stencil graffiti. Thankfully, community members usually notice the fascist graffiti quickly and prioritize painting over it. PF conduct similar propaganda efforts in the Atlanta suburbs, mostly north of the city.

“The Atlanta Alternative”

“Tachi”/Davenport promotes “The Atlanta Alternative” on “Fren Report” channel, May 12, 2023

Adam Davenport launched a racist media project with a local focus, “The Atlanta Alternative,” this May. The project aims to complement the national messaging of organizations such as Patriot Front. The Atlanta Alternative regularly promotes the efforts of “local Patriot Front activists.” It has also posted favorably about the antisemitic Goyim Defense League, which it labels as a “pro-White activist group,” and circulates materials from the “William McKinley Institute,” an anti-anti-fascist project. The Atlanta Alternative churns out posts about crime and corruption in metro Atlanta, but only draws attention to instances where the accused are Black. Another theme of The Atlanta Alternative is alleged anti-white persecution in metro Atlanta. Davenport’s media project regularly provides updates on the Stop Cop City movement, which it portrays as “anti-white extremists.” The Atlanta Alternative has a simple implicit message: Atlanta is spiraling out of control, and only the local Nazis will do something about it.

Atlas Active Club

The latest project promoted on The Atlanta Alternative is “Atlas Active Club” (AAC). AAC’s Telegram channel was created on July 11 but the Club was officially announced on July 20. Operating in metro Atlanta and north Georgia, AAC is a new instance of the “Active Club” network launched by violent fascist Robert Rundo and his closest associates. Active Club participants train together and circulate white power propaganda, usually in the form of stickers or graffiti. As well as helping participants to prepare themselves for violence against their perceived enemies, Active Clubs bring together fascists who may be active in different organizations, facilitating networking and coordination between groups. Because Active Club meetups are informal, they can also help draw new recruits deeper and deeper into the white nationalist underground.

Post by “Esoteric Dixieoid” referencing the Rise Above Movement, July 19, 2023

One day before AAC’s first post went on Telegram, on July 19 a Twitter account using the name “Esoteric Dixieoid” published the logo for the Rise Above Movement (RAM), but with a Confederate flag on a pole replacing the sword in the original RAM design. The Twitter post added a caption: “Soon.” RAM was a notorious street fighting gang led by Robert Rundo, which provided an early template for Rundo’s “Active Club” network. At the time of writing, Rundo has just been extradited from Europe back to California to face conspiracy to riot charges for his 2017 activities with RAM. The Twitter post from “Esoteric Dixieoid” had a clear message: Rundo’s network was coming to the South. Since Active Clubs already exist throughout the region, the Twitter account may have been suggesting a particularly close connection to Rundo’s lieutenants, or that the new initiative would be especially loyal to the original RAM vision. The following day, this Twitter account published the announcement for AAC. The owner of the Twitter account was clearly a leader of the just-announced Club, since he referred to “our members” when the group had been public for less than a day.

“Esoteric Dixieoid” is Adam Davenport. In our earlier “Identification” section, we wrote about how we conclusively tied the “Tachi” account on Telegram to Davenport. That Telegram account’s comments provided an overview of Davenport’s activity with Patriot Front. We also mentioned that last year “Tachi” shared a photograph of some of his books to the “Fren Report” Telegram channel. “Esoteric Dixieoid” also posted pictures from his book collection to Twitter. When we compared images, it became obvious that the Telegram and Twitter images were from the same collection, with the person having a special fondness for books by and about Nazi collaborator Léon Degrelle. Further, one paperback displayed by both “Tachi” and “Esoteric Dixieoid” had distinctive cover wear and was clearly the exact same copy. “Tachi” and “Esoteric Dixieoid” shared this book collection because they were the same person: Adam Davenport.

Promotional image for Atlas Active Club featuring “Black Sun” symbol used by white supremacists as well as Nazi SS Death’s Heads

So far, Atlas Active Club has only had a few meetups, at least that the club has documented on Telegram. Photos from the Active Club’s gatherings suggest that it currently has half a dozen or fewer participants. Nevertheless, AAC may be taking much of Davenport’s attention, since posts to The Atlanta Alternative have dwindled.

Adam Davenport’s organizing with AAC does not mean that he has left Patriot Front. On June 23, his “Esoteric Dixieoid” account referred to PF head Thomas Rousseau as “my leader.” Davenport continues to comment favorably on Twitter about his PF involvement, and The Atlanta Alternative still promotes the organization. Rather than replacing Davenport’s PF activity, AAC may operate side-by-side with it. The Active Club provides an outlet for using more explicitly neo-Nazi rhetoric and imagery than Patriot Front would allow. Already, one AAC post on Telegram begins by quoting Hitler. The Active Club may be used as a label of convenience when pursuing more confrontational tactics, providing some level of deniability to PF even as it contains many of the same people. 


We have identified Adam Ray Davenport as a core member of Patriot Front in metro Atlanta. After he applied to join Patriot Front in April last year, Davenport participated in many of the organization’s graffiti campaigns and other propaganda efforts around our city. He was also active with PF during the approximately half a year he lived in Birmingham, Alabama. As well as his efforts in our region, Davenport travels to major PF events in other parts of the country.

Davenport also operates an online propaganda project named The Atlanta Alternative. Recently, Davenport launched the Atlas Active Club, in which he and his white supremacist associates train for violence against those they view as enemies. 

We believe that as an active and well-networked white supremacist, Adam Davenport is a threat to those around him. Please circulate our documentation to those who live near Davenport or may encounter him. Reach out if you have further information on Davenport, his activities, or his associates, either in Patriot Front or the Active Club network.