Meet Aaron Krueger of Lawrenceville, Georgia: Neo-Nazi Spreading “Patriot Front” Propaganda throughout Metro Atlanta

Summary: Since the end of 2017, the fascist/white supremacist organization Patriot Front has distributed thousands of flyers throughout Metro Atlanta and placed a significant number of stickers and posters throughout the region.  Patriot Front’s mission is to rebrand neo-Nazi and white supremacist belief as American patriotism. Patriot Front formed as a splinter group from Vanguard America, after someone linked to Vanguard America murdered a protester at last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia – a bloody event which led to a reversal of fortune for organized white nationalists in the US. Although Patriot Front’s existence has been short, the organization has been growing. Political violence is at the center of Patriot Front’s apocalyptic vision of national rebirth from the ashes of “failed” democracy. In Georgia, the heart of Patriot Front is someone who goes by the name of “Chris GA” in online Patriot Front discussion. Through conducting additional research on “Chris GA” we have identified him as Lawrenceville, Georgia resident Aaron Christopher Krueger. This identification was further verified through surveillance on Krueger’s Lawrenceville address.

aaron c krueger
Aaron Christopher Krueger


On the morning of March 10, residents of the Candler Park area in Atlanta woke up to find plastic bags weighted down with pebbles strewn on their porches and driveways. Inside the bags were quarter-sheet flyers blaming “a global, rootless elite” for handing over the United States to a “migrant underclass” and trying to “beat the founding stock of the nation into submission.” The small flyers were signed “PATRIOT FRONT.”

PF candler park flyer
Patriot Front flyer in bag, distributed in the Candler Park area of Atlanta

In other parts of Candler Park, larger flyers from the same organization were left behind car windshield wipers, announcing that “Democracy has failed you” amongst other things. In the nearby Little Five Points district, stickers and posters from Patriot Front covered the area, offering slogans such as “Not Stolen – Conquered” (featuring a picture of the contiguous United States) and “Patriots! Reclaim Your Birthright” (featuring a masked, flag-carrying, muscular white man). The Saturday before, Patriot Front members had targeted Little Five Points – described in their internal discussions as the “f[*]ggot/commie area” of Atlanta – with an earlier round of stickers and posters placed during the day. Materials from the fascist organization were removed almost immediately. The next week, however, the early morning propaganda distribution was far more extensive, with many flyers thrown around Candler Park with the bag-and-rock method more typically associated with Klan groups. The media picked up the story of a white supremacist group targeting the Atlanta neighborhood; TV coverage was subsequently reused in a Patriot Front recruitment video.

Even before March 10, fascists within the Patriot Front organization had stated that they were “really loving the activity level” in Georgia, suggesting that it was setting the pace for the organization nationally in terms of propaganda distribution. On leaked discussion messages from a Discord chat server for Patriot Front, a user named “Chris GA” showed himself as central to propaganda efforts in Georgia. In addition to placing Patriot Front stickers and assisting a Patriot Front banner drop, “Chris GA” has distributed thousands of flyers for the organization since late 2017. We can now reveal that “Chris GA” is Lawrenceville resident Aaron Christopher Krueger.

Before discussing our identification of Krueger as the most active Patriot Front member in Georgia, we will discuss that organization’s history and agenda. (If you only want to know about our identification of Krueger, just skip one section.) At the end of this article, we include a chronology of major Patriot Front activity in our state since late 2017, which shows just how busy Aaron Krueger has been.

Old Facebook result from google cache of Jan 6 2018
Aaron Krueger Facebook page from when Krueger lived in Dacula, Georgia. The Facebook account is no longer active.

Patriot Front: Agenda and History

Although Patriot Front is a white power organization, its founding manifesto does not use the word “white” even once, writing instead about “our European ancestors” and of an American “national spirit […] firmly rooted in our blood.” The organization claims that the United States exists by nature of its (white) “founding stock” and that “stock’s” conquering spirit. The organization is clear that it thinks people of color born in the United States are not Americans – and presumably should not have the rights of citizens reserved for people of the “founding stock.” Patriot Front desires a “hard reset” for the American nation, which it views as having fallen into degeneracy. The organization’s graphic design is typically in red, white, and blue. Its emblem is the fasces – the primary symbol of fascism – surrounded by thirteen stars, seemingly representing the thirteen original colonies.

Patriot Front Austin TX demonstration
Patriot Front social media post with image of Austin, Texas demonstration

To understand Patriot Front’s attempts to rebrand fascist and white supremacist politics as American patriotism, one must know something of the organization’s history. Patriot Front began as split-off from the racist and fascist Vanguard America organization. Vanguard America was earlier called American Vanguard, and Reaction America before that. That group emerged on – a now-offline message board describing itself as a “global fascist fraternity” – in 2015. The same year, the Atomwaffen Division – a neo-Nazi organization now linked to several murders – was also born on IronMarch. Compared to the rabid neo-Nazis of Atomwaffen, Reaction America / American Vanguard / Vanguard America tried to moderate its image to some small degree, hoping to draw recruits from the Alt-Right or other parts of the far-Right. Vanguard America (American Vanguard) was nevertheless clear about its politics, stating that it wished to “recapture the glory an Aryan nation deserves” and decrying the influence of “rootless […] international Jews.”

In 2017, Vanguard America joined the “Nationalist Front” white power alliance along with the National Socialist Movement, League of the South, and the now-collapsed Traditionalist Worker Party. At the Nationalist Front rally in Pikeville, Kentucky in late April 2017, Vanguard America’s leader claimed that Vanguard America had approximately 200 members in twenty states.

Then Charlottesville happened. At the “Unite the Right” rally of August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, Vanguard America members marched in together chanting “Blood and soil!” – a slogan associated with Nazism. (This slogan is also referenced in Patriot Front’s domain name, which once belonged to Vanguard America.) At Unite the Right, James Alex Fields, Jr. was photographed standing with Vanguard America members, holding a shield with a Vanguard America logo, and wearing the same white shirt and khaki pants outfit as Vanguard members. Later that day following street violence and police declaring Unite the Right to be an “unlawful assembly,” Fields performed an ISIS-style vehicular attack on anti-racist protesters, injuring dozens and murdering Heather Heyer. Vanguard America denied that Fields was ever a member of their organization – stating that holding a shield did not denote organizational membership – but did not denounce Fields’ attack.

rousseau and fields
James Alex Fields in Charlottesville (far right holding black shield.) Also in the photo is Thomas Rousseau, who would go on to lead Patriot Front (left foreground with sunglasses and black logo cap.)

At the end of August, Thomas Rousseau – a young but high-ranking member of Vanguard America, split from the organization to form Patriot Front, seizing group resources and taking many members with him. The split and rebranding as Patriot Front was partly due to disputes and power struggles which predated Charlottesville. However, Rousseau’s red, white, and blue rebranding of fascism and white supremacy was also an attempt to provide a more acceptable veneer for the group’s politics, making it easier to recruit in the post-Charlottesville environment. At roughly the same time, the notorious neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer made a similar call to its readers, urging them to organize under the cover of “American Nationalism”. With the Vanguard / Patriot Front break, the remainder of Vanguard America stopped tempering its image whatsoever. For example, Vanguard America publicly circulated photographs of group members holding Nazi flags. Since the time of the split, Patriot Front has grown while Vanguard America has declined.

While Patriot Front changed how Nazi-inspired politics are presented to potential recruits, from within the organization there is no hiding what the group is about. For example, below is a picture posted by Patriot Front member “Chris GA” – the subject of our article – to a Patriot Front online chat. This picture is allegedly of his living space. (The image was deleted from the Patriot Front chat server, before that server was archived and leaked to the public. It therefore does not appear in the Unicorn Riot journalism collective’s “Discord Leaks” database.)

Chris GA livingroom
Post from “Chris GA” (Aaron Krueger) on Patriot Front discussion server.

Patriot Front may care about branding, but the organization thrives in an atmosphere of violence. Fight training features prominently in Patriot Front recruitment materials. One of Patriot Front’s first major actions as an organization was a mass presence outside the Houston anarchist book fair in September 2017 – clearly a display designed to intimidate political rivals. The next month, Patriot Front affiliate William Fears (who also took part in the Houston action) was arrested along with two others, after a shot was fired at an anti-racist protester after “Alt-Right” leader Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida in Gainesville. More recently, a nineteen-year-old in Illinois linked to Patriot Front was arrested over his weapons cache.

It is not safe to assume that just because Patriot Front in Georgia has been most visible through propaganda distribution efforts, that propaganda distribution is all they are involved with. More likely, their propaganda spree is an attempt to lay the groundwork for other activity.

How We Know that Patriot Front Member “Chris GA” is Aaron Christopher Krueger of Lawrenceville 

It is clear from leaked Patriot Front discussion that “Chris GA” is at the heart of Patriot Front activity in Georgia. For example, “Chris GA” appears to have been distributing Patriot Front literature in the state even before he teamed up with others (see chronology at the end of this article for further detail). Here is how we know that the real identity of “Chris GA” is Aaron Christopher Krueger of Lawrenceville, Georgia:

captainawesome x promotes patriot front
Screenshot from Patriot Front discussion: “CaptainAwesome X” pays to promote website during livestreamed debate on YouTube.
aaron generator phone
Archive of “CaptainAwesome X” YouTube video, including first name, location and phone number.

Further research on the phone number provided a more complete name: Aaron Krueger.

  • Lawrenceville, Dacula and vicinity appeared to be the rough epicenter of Patriot Front propaganda activity in Georgia.


We noticed that Aaron Christopher Krueger not only had a Lawrenceville address, but had earlier lived in Dacula.

  • Through a source, we obtained video of Patriot Front tossing out flyers in Georgia. While the person throwing the flyers wears a ski mask, the camouflage-painted vehicle in the video is distinctive.

Observing the Lawrenceville address for Aaron Christopher Krueger, we found the same distinctive vehicle parked outside.

lawrenceville house 1

lawrenceville house 2
Outside the Leila Lane address in Lawrenceville listed for Aaron Christopher Krueger.

We are therefore confident that Lawrenceville resident Aaron Christopher Krueger is “Chris GA,” the Patriot Front member at the heart of the fascist propaganda drive in our state.


When racist propaganda mysteriously appears in suburban subdivisionsor in an Atlanta district with a long history of fighting neo-Nazi organizing – the result can be a climate of fear. People do not know, for example, whether there is a large organized group in the area, or whether acts of violence could be next. In exposing the most active distributor of Patriot Front propaganda in our state, we hope to alleviate some of this fear. We believe that Aaron Christopher Krueger could indeed be dangerous, in ways that go beyond placing stickers or throwing flyers throughout neighborhoods. Those living in Krueger’s community should therefore be vigilant. However, now that Krueger has been exposed, we hope to have at least dispelled the feeling that “it could be anyone” in charge of the propaganda campaign. As the chronology at the end of this article makes clear, it is only a small number of Patriot Front members behind propaganda efforts in our state. While even a small cadre of dedicated neo-Nazis should cause concern, if Patriot Front tried to cultivate the impression of broader support or larger numbers in Georgia, that effort has now failed.

We actively seek information on other Patriot Front participants in Georgia. We also appeal for additional information on Aaron Christopher Krueger, for example his workplace. If you can help us on any of these matters, please get in contact.

PatriotFront GA from Action Report 1

PatriotFront GA from Action Report 2
Two other members of Patriot Front who placed propaganda in Macon, Georgia on January 27 (see chronology below). Do you recognize these people? Let us know!


Appendix: Chronology of Patriot Front Propaganda Activity in Georgia, Late 2017 – Present

(1)    Part 1: Activity discussed on the leaked “Front and Center” Discord server:

PF stone mountain park
Patriot Front materials at Stone Mountain Park. 
patriot front buford
Two Patriot Front members pose behind banner in Buford, Georgia. Still from video taken by Aaron Krueger.
L5P Patriot Front response 3 3 2018 I
First round of Patriot Front materials in Little Five Points and anti-racist response.

(2)    Part 2: More recent activity, since leak of Patriot Front discussion logs:

Patriot Front flyers 3 10 2018
An assortment of Patriot Front materials cleaned up on March 10, 2018.
patriot front trash
Photo posted to Patriot Front social media, May 6

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