Christopher Gibson: Klansman and “Patriot Front” Sympathizer in Dublin, Georgia

In May, we exposed Aaron Christopher Krueger, a key organizer for the racist/fascist Patriot Front organization in Georgia.

Now we highlight another person in our state linked to Patriot Front: Christopher Wayne Gibson of Dublin, Georgia. Chris Gibson has not only circulated propaganda for Patriot Front – Gibson is clear that he is a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

In this article, we will share screen-captures of a now-deleted Facebook page under the name “Chris Waynes.” A quick comparison of the profile picture for “Chris Waynes” and other images of Christopher Gibson (from a Facebook account under his real name) make it clear that “Chris Waynes” and Christopher Wayne Gibson are the same person.


Image of “Chris Waynes” (left) and Christopher Gibson (right) for comparison. Note that “1488” is white supremacist code: the number 14 represents the “Fourteen Words,” a white power slogan. 88 represents the eighth letter of the alphabet repeated twice, which stands for “Heil Hitler.”

Gibson and the Ku Klux Klan

By his own admission, Christopher Gibson is a Klansman. In January 2018, Gibson (as “Chris Waynes”) posted images of himself at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park in Dublin, Georgia. Gibson/“Waynes” held a banner used by the first-generation Ku Klux Klan. Commenting on the Facebook pictures from the MLK Monument, “Chris Waynes” announced: “AKIA!” This is Klan code for “A Klansman I am!”

Chris Waynes Dublin KKK banner Jan 2018
Christopher Wayne Gibson holding Klan banner at MLK Memorial in Dublin, Georgia, January 2018.

The Klan organization which Gibson belongs to is almost certainly the Sacred Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Sacred Knights are best known for being the KKK group that applied to burn a cross at Stone Mountain Park in 2017, but whose application was denied. Gibson is linked to several Sacred Knights members on Facebook. For example, Gibson is an associate of Joey Hobbs, who registered the Sacred Knights domain name and whose name appeared on the Stone Mountain Park application for the proposed cross burning. In addition to Hobbs, Christopher Gibson is also connected to a “shieldmaiden” of the Sacred Knights.

“Gunnar Bones” who commented on the MLK Memorial photographs from “Chris Waynes”/Chris Gibson was also a Sacred Knights KKK leader, although the profile for “Bones” has now disappeared with little trace remaining on the internet.

The Ku Klux Klan banner displayed by Gibson in January was also used by the Sacred Knights KKK, appearing prominently in an early version of that organization’s website.

sacred knights KKK promo still
Sacred Knights KKK members display weapons in promotional video.

Gibson and Patriot Front

Christopher Wayne Gibson also promotes Patriot Front, a violent fascist organization that was formed in the aftermath of “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.

In January, “Chris Waynes” bragged of placing Patriot Front stickers “in my town.” Patriot Front only makes its sticker designs available on a closed-access Discord chat server. Therefore, either Gibson had a profile on that server, or Gibson was provided the stickers by an associate moving in Patriot Front circles. In any case, Gibson clearly sympathizes with the fascist organization.


Christopher Gibson – under the name “Chris Waynes” – brags of placing Patriot Front propaganda.

In our article on Aaron Christopher Krueger – the central organizer for Patriot Front in Georgia – we provided a chronology and a map for major instances of Patriot Front activity in our state. With one exception, these incidents clustered around Metro Atlanta where Krueger lives. The exception is a trip to Macon in Central/Middle Georgia, which was hit with Patriot Front recruitment materials on January 27 of this year.

Four people placed Patriot Front materials in Macon: Aaron Christopher Krueger of Lawrenceville, “Ablesmith,” “Maximus GA,” and “Glorious14.” Footage of members placing their propaganda in Macon, Georgia was used in an “Action Report” propaganda video for Patriot Front. While the footage is shot from behind and therefore identification is difficult, one of the people placing Patriot Front propaganda in Macon (presumably “Glorious14”) resembles Christopher Wayne Gibson. The city of Macon is about an hour north-west of Dublin, Georgia. Macon would be a reasonable meet-up spot if other people were traveling from Metro Atlanta, but they did not wish to drive all the way to Dublin.

macon ga from action report
Patriot Front materials placed in Macon, Georgia on January 27, 2018. Note the resemblance to Chris Gibson. Does Gibson just have a doppelgänger in the area?

In an intriguing detail, one week after the Patriot Front visit to Macon, Patriot Front members first threw weighted plastic bags including racist flyers on neighborhood lawns and driveways. The weighted bag method for distributing flyers is typically associated with Klan groups – indeed, the Sacred Knights KKK has distributed propaganda this way in Georgia. Of course, we do not know for certain how Patriot Front decided on its new tactic.


Let’s review the facts. Christopher Wayne Gibson – using his “Chris Waynes” moniker – has bragged online about being a Klansman and posed photos of himself holding a KKK banner. Gibson is in close contact with organizers for the Sacred Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, whose promotional video features robed members holding automatic weapons.

Gibson also boasted on Facebook about placing propaganda for Patriot Front – a racist and fascist organization – in his area. The stickers placed by Gibson are only available within Patriot Front communication channels, which means that either Gibson is part of those channels or that he works closely with someone who is. As an organization, Patriot Front is known for its mass distribution of fascist propaganda. Violence is also a central part of Patriot Front’s practice: threatening violence, training for it and enacting it.

chris gibson firearm
On yet another Facebook page, Christopher Gibson shares a photo of his firearm – “liked” by Sacred Knights KKK organizer Joey Hobbs.

In a world where people become radicalized as racists online – and then proceed to commit real-world atrocities – we cannot assume that Chris Gibson is harmless. We hope that residents of Dublin, Georgia share this information and take reasonable precautions around Gibson.

If you have more information on Klan groups, Patriot Front, or other white power organizing in our region, please get in contact. Also have a look at the images of “Maximus GA” (photo here) and “Ablesmith” (photo here) – who are other Patriot Front members operating in our state – and let us know if you recognize either of them.