Four Years of Atlanta Antifascists

On October 1st, 2016, Atlanta Antifascists held its first group activity, exposing an ally of Aryan Nations Worldwide in his community. The Aryan Nations faction was involved in promoting a major white supremacist gathering, Hammerfest 2016, which took place at a Georgia Klan bar the same day.

“Atlanta Antifascists” had been used as a label of convenience for a few weeks earlier, but it was the success of the October 1st group action that formed us into an ongoing collective project. A blog named “Atlanta Antifascist Notes” also predated our group by slightly under a year. That blog was transformed into a platform for Atlanta Antifascists.

It’s been an eventful few years! The video we’re releasing for this occasion does not capture everything we’ve done, but it gives some sense of the struggles we’ve engaged in and the backdrop of militant protests in our city. For more details on our beliefs and efforts, please browse this site.

We’re proud of our track record of disrupting fascist and white supremacist organizing over the last four years. There is plenty more misery ahead for white nationalist organizers, so to any of them reading this: get out while you can.

As always, we welcome information on racist and far-Right organizing in our state. Reach out if you can help.