White Supremacist Graphic Artist “J. LaDarc”: Jessica LaFlamme, of Marietta, Georgia

Reprinted with permission from Anonymous Comrades Collective. Please be aware that this article contains documentation of white supremacist, antisemitic, and neo-Nazi content.

In our last article we exposed neo-Nazis “Jeff Winston” as Benjamin Arvin and “Hiraeth” as his fiancée Mandi Gillespie, headliners of the White Art Collective. This group of white supremacist musicians, graphic artists and writers practice their art for the purpose of spreading white nationalist and fascist rhetoric.

In this report you’ll get to know a visual artist who uses her questionable talents to promote racism and white supremacy with the White Art Collective, as well as provide artwork for other neo-Nazi writers and businesses. She calls herself “J. LaDarc,” but you’ll get to know her by her real name: Jessica LaFlamme, of Marietta, Georgia. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but even a thousand words is not enough to describe the toxicity of this graphic designer’s racism. Let’s begin!

White Nationalist Graphic Artist “J. LaDarc”

Using the pseudonym “J. LaDarc,” LaDarc has created graphic arts design for a number of white nationalists, as well as single art pieces that she sells on her web stores. As a prominent member of the White Art Collective, they frequently promote her services and artwork. Combining imagery associated with classical Greek figures and the like with the trendy 1980s retro “vapor wave” aesthetic, much of her artwork appears outwardly benign. But this vapor wave aesthetic is also commonly utilized by white nationalists who refer to this style as “fashwave.” Some pieces by LaDarc are more explicit with white nationalist messaging, like one print she designed entitled “It’s OK,” which is part of the common white nationalist slogan “It’s OK to be white.”

Some example of art prints by “J LaDarc” sold on the White Art Collective web store.
A poster by J. LaDark with explicit white nationalist messaging.

The “It’s okay to be white” slogan comes from the self-perceived victimization of white nationalists, who fear the loss of the white privilege they feel so entitled to. In addition to prints, LaDarc also sells this imagery on merchandise like T-shirts and laptop computer sleeves on her Redbubble web store. On her store at Storenvy she sells crafts like wreaths and Christmas ornaments that look like they were pulled out of a Michael’s arts and crafts store. On her Telegram channel she shills items like a wooden cutting board decorated with a Nazi Sonnenrad symbol for the price of “$14.88” (“1488,” for those not in the know, is code referring to neo-Nazi David Lanes’s “14 words” and “88,” which corresponds to “HH,” or “Heil Hitler.”) White Art Collective events like “WAC Fest 2021” have given her opportunities to sell her merchandise to neo-Nazis in-person.

J. LaDarc’s merchandise table as pictured in a promotional video for WAC Fest 2021.
An item sold on J. LaDarc’s Telegram channel decorated with a Nazi Sonnenrad and costing $14.88.
Another item on J. LaDarc’s Telegram channel, a decorative sign with the words Blut and Boden, parts of the white nationalist slogan “Blut und Boden,” or “blood and soil.”

Strangely, for someone who has such a supposed appreciation for Western art, J. LaDarc is prudish regarding classical works. In print on her Redbubble store entitled “Neon Aphrodite” which features the Venus of Arles sculpture superimposed over a vapor wave background, J. LaDarc obscured the sculpture’s breasts. J. LaDarc’s “art” is tacky and pretentious, which could be forgiven if it weren’t for all the Nazi messaging.

“Neon Aphrodite” by J. LaDarc, who expresses her white nationalist art by saving the world from nipples.

Additional to works under her own brand, she has provided graphic design work for other white nationalists, like the exposed hypnotherapist and college professor Joshua Dietz, who uses the alias “Josh Neal.” Pictured below is the cover art she produced for his book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Dating, from LaDarc’s Instagram profile. Pictured below that is cover art she produced for a book by the pseudonymous white nationalist author John Q Publius.

J LaDarc” has provided graphic design work for a number of white nationalist notables.

LaDarc also provided graphic design for “KosChertified,” an app that locates food brands that specifically aren’t kosher-certified, for those on an antisemitic diet. The app creators thanked LaDarc on Twitter. Another of her clients has been Grandma Towler’s Tea, run by the British fascist Laura Towler, one of the founders of Patriotic Alternative, a UK far-right activist organization.

J. LaDarc promoted by Mandi Gillespie, aka “Hiraeth” and the White Art Collective.

LaDarc’s white nationalist messaging through her tacky Photoshop work may seem relatively subtle, but her posts on the Telegram messenger are far more direct.  In these posts she frequently referred to immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ+ persons and liberal-leaning people with crude slurs. In one post she likened right-wing violence to “normal decent people engaging in vigilante justice” and reposted a message from the fake-news account “Justice Report,” part of the neo-Nazi National Justice Party organization. In another post she argued that the 2nd Amendment to the United States constitution was intended only for “free white people” and not “retarded blacks and browns.” Many such posts appear in her Telegram channel with boring frequency. While a couple of representative examples of her posts would normally be enough, we’ve shown below a number of screenshots of her posts to present an idea of what “J LaDarc” is: one angry, entitled racist.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Racist

Unsurprisingly, LaDarc was venting her bigoted rants on the internet long before her association with the White Art Collective.  In an old WordPress blog called “Depravity Meets Dissent,” LaDarc wrote about her anger toward progressive society through right-wing flavored “trad” feminism, calling single mothers “thots” and “single, miserable sluts.” Her advocacy of white nationalism was also a topic. In one entry she wrote, “If anything, nationalism and in group preference are simply a part of man’s natural tribal impulses, and the expression of such natural impulses among people of European descent are repressed by the ruling ideology- liberalism.”

We found an early Twitter account that linked to her blog using the name “Micky Morgan,” but later learned this was not her real name. What the Twitter account did provide, though, was a profile image that we figured could have been an actual photo of her. We eventually found other Twitter accounts used by LaDarc that were archived on the Wayback Machine at archive.org, with user names like “@J_Ladarc,” “@OohLaLaDarc,” “@GrumpnFrump,” “@PaintyWife” and “@CankleCween.”  Many posts by these accounts also featured photos of the same woman. We now knew what she looked like, but not her name.

An early Twitter account of “J LaDarc.” [archive]
“J. LaDarc” had posted numerous photos on Twitter showing her face.

J. LaDarc’s posts on her various Twitter accounts were just as bad as her racist posts on Telegram, which inevitably led to their suspensions.

LaDarc’s posts on Twitter were just as racist, antisemitic and bigoted as her current Telegram account.

Antifascists around the internet noticed that a graphic artist going by the name “JeSuis LaFlamme” provided artwork for a racist Facebook page called “Rebel History.” We had concluded that her first name was likely “Jessica” from a Twitter post she made in which she claimed that her name “was actually made up by Shakespeare to sound Hebrew.” According to Wikipedia, the oldest written record of the name with that spelling is found as the name of the Shakespearean character Jessica, from the play The Merchant of Venice. We also knew that she was located in or around Marietta, Georgia, since that was the location she cited on her Storenvy web store page. That she was a Georgia resident was further corroborated by numerous mentions of the state of Georgia in her social media posts.

This post on a racist Facebook page credits “JeSuis LaFlamme” for the art.
We concluded from this statement made in a Twitter post that her given name was likely “Jessica.”
J. LaDarc’s web store at Storenvy claims she is located in Mariettta, Georgia. [archive]

Searching for Georgia residents with the given name of “Jessica” and the surname “LaFlamme” led to a person whose social media images were a match for the face pictures posted by “J. LaDarc.”

Out of “LaDarc” and into the Spotlight

For further confirmation we matched a heart-shaped tattoo on her left inner wrist that “J. LaDarc” had shown in a photo on telegram. This tattoo matches a tattoo in photo of Jessica LaFlamme posted by a family member.

A photo “J LaDarc” posted on Telegram showing a heart-shaped tattoo on the inner side of her left wrist. [archive]
The same tattoo is visible in photo posted on Facebook by a family member of Jessica LaFlamme.
An enlarged portion of the photo above.

31-year old Jessica Elizabeth LaFlamme, originally from Maine, before her family relocated to California, now lives in the Marietta, Georgia area with her husband, who works for Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services. Since she is now married she may be using the married surname O’Hearne.

Jessica LaFlamme, aka “J. LaDarc”
Jessica LaFlamme, aka “J. LaDarc”
Jessica LaFlamme, aka “J. LaDarc”

LaFlamme went on a brief hiatus after having a child in December, 2021, which she wrote about frequently on Telegram. But she is back to her arts & crafting now. And, of course, she is still incredibly racist.

A post made by Jessica LaFlamme, aka “J. LaDarc,” on Telegram (date redacted).
Events “J. LaDarc” posted about were also chronicled on social media for Jessica LaFlamme.
Not even Antiques Roadshow is safe from Jessica LaFlamme’s racism. [archive]

Jessica LaFlamme of Marietta, Georgia

Want to be a neo-Nazi arts & crafter and sell your services to white nationalist businesses? Fine. You do you. But don’t expect to keep your real identity a secret because we’ll find it, and if we don’t someone else will.

Jessica LaFlamme of Marietta, Georgia is just one of many neo-Nazis, fascists and white nationalists that comprise the White Art Collective. Rest assured, we will be exposing more in the near future!

Big shout out to Atlanta Antifa (@afainatl on Twitter) for the assist! Many thanks to the anonymous comrades out there who contributed to this piece!