Traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport? Meet Delta Airline’s White Supremacist Agent

Update 2/2/2019: While Delta Airlines has not made any official statement, we have reason to believe white supremacist Jennette Estes is no longer employed by the company.

Update 2/7/2019: Removed photo with erroneous identification (and accompanying text.) We apologize for this error.

Summary: Are you concerned about a white supremacist working as a passenger service agent at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport? If so, contact Delta Airlines plus Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and notify them about Delta employee Jennette Bayly Estes. Jennette Estes supports the most violent wings of the white supremacist movement, for example circulating a petition that characterized a neo-Nazi terrorist as a man of conviction.

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Contact Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

Jennette Estes and her white supremacist husband John Michael Estes at baseball game last year. Delta SKY360° Club seating may have been an employee perk.

Jennette Bayly Estes: Delta Airlines Employee, Aryan Terrorist Sympathizer

Jennette Bayly Estes, a white supremacist promoting an upcoming Klan and neo-Nazi rally in Georgia, is also an agent for Delta Airlines working at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. She is the wife of “Rock Stone Mountain” main organizer John Michael Estes, who we exposed to his Hapeville, Georgia community last week. Jennette Estes is not a passive supporter of her husband’s efforts. She actively promotes the most violent wings of the white supremacist movement. 

Jennette Bayly Estes AKA Jenny Estes

On LinkedIn, Jennette Estes lists her job as “passenger service agent” with Delta Airlines. We have further verified Estes’ job for Delta at the Atlanta airport. It is worrying that a white supremacist currently helping with a Klan/neo-Nazi rally could have airport security clearance and perhaps even access to Delta customer information.

Jennette Estes’ LinkedIn Profile

Last week, after we exposed Jennette Estes and her husband in their Hapeville, Georgia community, Jennette Estes pulled her Facebook profile as “Jenny Estes.” We got screenshots earlier.

Like her husband, Jennette Estes loves neoNazi rock groups. As early as 2013, she promoted extreme white supremacist and antisemitic positions, for example laughing at the Holocaust and suggesting that the Nazis should have murdered more people. 

Jennette Estes seemingly wishes more people died in Holocaust (“LMWAO!” is short for “Laughing my white ass off!”)

Estes also used her social media account to circulate speeches by leaders of the National Alliance, which was once the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States.

Jenny Estes promotes speech by former National Alliance leader William Pierce, whose pseudonymous novel “The Turner Diaries” inspired the Oklahoma City bombing.
“The Beast as Saint” is a lecture by Kevin Strom, a neo-Nazi pedophile who was once a central National Alliance activist.

Jenny Estes circulated a petition about Gary Lee Yarbrough, imprisoned for his activity with The Silent Brotherhood/The Order terrorist group in the 1980s. The Silent Brotherhood committed bombings and funded the white supremacist movement through armed robberies and counterfeiting operations. The group was also responsible for murdering Jewish talk show host Alan Berg in 1984. Although Yarbrough was convicted on different federal charges, the sub-machine gun used to kill Berg was seized in Yarbrough’s Idaho house. Gary Yarbrough died in prison last year. After his death, Jenny Estes circulated a petition which alleged medical neglect and which characterized the reason Yarbrough was in maximum security prison as merely: “he angered some people by standing by his convictions.” Jennette Estes is friends with Gary Yarbrough’s widow, Susan Yarbrough.

Jennette Estes circulates petition about Yarbrough after his death. Note the comment by Susan Yarbrough.

While her husband John Michael Estes plays a more prominent role in organizing “Rock Stone Mountain” white supremacist rallies, Jennette Estes does her part. During the first Rock Stone Mountain white power rally in 2016, Jennette Estes posted to the Facebook event page: “Keep on coming! We will be here a while.” Before deleting her Facebook profile, she was also listed as “going” to the upcoming “Rock Stone Mountain II” rally on February 2nd.

Jenny Estes posts during initial Rock Stone Mountain white power rally in 2016.

Jennette Estes promotes the main “Rock Stone Mountain” Facebook page and may play some role maintaining it. She not only shared posts by “Rock Stone Mountain” on her personal profile, but also complained when the Rock Stone Mountain page was suspended temporarily. The Rock Stone Mountain page argues that Black people are inferior and that Jewish people are the root of all social ills. The page also lauds the terrorists of The Silent Brotherhood/The Order.

Jenny Estes complains about the Rock Stone Mountain page on Facebook being briefly suspended.

Jennette Estes’ friends are a “Who’s Who” of white supremacist organizers in the South. In one post about her husband arriving “home”after an arrest for a probation violation the week before – Jennette Estes tagged “Mason Dixon” about the news. “Mason Dixon” is a pseudonym of Gregory Todd Calhoun, the main Georgia organizer for the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and one of John Michael Estes’ closest associates. (Jennette Bayly Estes’ husband, John Michael Estes, has an extensive rap sheet including charges for robbery and aggravated stalking.) 

Estes’ online friends list includes other Klansmen such as Shaun Winkler and Kenneth Steven Monk; Susan Yarbrough who was married to Silent Brotherhood member Gary Lee Yarbrough; and Michael David Carothers/Michael Weaver, a Georgia white supremacist who has served time for assaulting a Black man. In our article about racists listed as “going” to the upcoming “Rock Stone Mountain II” rally, we profiled several other individuals in Jennette Estes’ network. 

Concerned? Contact Delta Airlines and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

By employing an active white supremacist as one of its agents, Delta Airlines is creating opportunities for abuse and putting customers and coworkers at risk.

Please reach out to Delta Airlines and the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

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Contact Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

Appendix: Jennette Estes’ Facebook Friends List