Documentation: Far-Right at Stone Mountain, Georgia, August 15, 2020 (Gallery 2 of 3)

Glen Mitchell Simon (AKA Mitch Simon) with megaphone.
In background with flag head-wrap: William “Danny” Aye, Virginia member of Heirs to the Confederacy.
Tony Robbins of North Carolina with Mechanized Cavalry cap.
Center: Lance Spivey of North Carolina’s “Heirs to the Confederacy”.
Lance Spivey’s wife Tammy Venckus behind him, in black t-shirt and holding flag. Venckus is also active in “Heirs to the Confederacy”. On the right by Venckus is Brenda Stallings. Stallings is the wife of Virginia “Heirs to the Confederacy” member Danny Aye.
Justin Frady of American Brotherhood of Patriots militia on left.
American Brotherhood of Patriots leader William Tex Simmons on right.
On right in camo vest: KKK supporter and American Patriots USA chaplain Robert Timothy Dickenson.
Wes McGhee in “Fuck the NFAC” shirt.
Greg Williams on right.
Eric Worley of Red State Coalition with flag.
As well as pepper spray, wasp killer was sprayed at counter-protesters. Get in touch if you can help identify those responsible. The individual with the wasp and hornet spray is pictured without mask in Gallery 3.
Wallace Glaze to left of helmeted individual, wearing boonie hat.
Dusty Rutledge with “thin blue line” and Trump 2020 flags on pole. Howard Snow of Heirs to the Confederacy in black vest with patches.
Scotty Guyton in center foreground.
Florida white supremacist Jan Warren Dupree in back of truck waving flag.
Glen Simon in foreground.
James Onellion of Alabama
On left: Confederate States III% militia leaders Rodney Huffman and Debbie Guin (Dab Demere, Dab Huffman).
James Waggoner of Arkansas (Confederate States III%) with backwards cap, shades and flag kerchief.
Vanessa Strength holding bannner on right.

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If you have information on any August 15 far-Right rally participants, please get in contact.