Documentation: Far-Right at Stone Mountain, Georgia, August 15, 2020 (Gallery 3 of 3)

Rosie Johnson of Alabama
Foreground L-R: “Free Patriots Forever” members/supporters Jacob Buggay, Judah Buggay, Justin Koch and Robert Edward Chandler Jr. (Ed Chandler) holding Christian flag.
Wallace Glaze on left.
Jerald Mcleod in center
Alabama ex-cop and Confederate States III% militia supporter Dennis Green on left.
Matthew Glaze on right with US flag mask.
Judah Buggay livestreaming for “Free Patriots Forever” Facebook page.
Elijah Nunley center foreground wearing glasses.
Dylan McGee on right with “Sic ‘Em” shirt.
William Tex Simmons of American Brotherhood of Patriots militia
Kenneth Edge (American Brotherhood of Patriots)
Charles Carter Parks ran his truck into a barricade that a counter-protester was standing on, fortunately not causing injury.
Livestreamer “JokerATL”
Jeff C Espey of Arkansas on left. (From footage by Stormy Henderson/Bad n Red Media)
(Still from footage by Ford Fischer/News2Share)
Foreground: Shawn Boggan of North Shelby County, Alabama. Boggan had counter-protested a Gadsen, AL Black Lives Matter the weekend before. (From footage by Stormy Henderson/Bad n Red Media)
American Patriots USA vice president Joshua Mote and Michelle Waters. (From footage by Ford Fischer/News2Share)
(From footage by Ford Fischer/News2Share)
Free Patriots Forever (L-R): Kenny Glisch in overalls, then Ed Chandler and Justin Koch.
Street preacher and anti-choice campaigner Matthew Wiersema. He is not affiliated with the “Free Patriots Forever” group.
David Dylan Streetman (Georgia III% Guardians) on right wearing cap.

The above six pictures were taken by the “Cracker Life” vehicle seen in Gallery 2. The individual who sprayed anti-racists with wasp killer has removed mask.

Group photo from elsewhere on the day: Chester Doles (holding banner on left), American Patriots USA supporters, and militiamen outside Conyers, Georgia hydraulics shop. Only a few of those in this picture went to Stone Mountain.
GA Sons of Liberty III% / “Nomads III%” militia. Leader Lee Frazier is third from left in back.
American Patriots USA and American Brotherhood of Patriots.
Image posted online Saturday afternoon: APUSA leader Chester Doles in foreground wearing American Brotherhood of Patriots shirt. Militiaman Lee Frazier in yellow shirt facing camera.
Rejected Stone Mountain Park permit application.
Rejected City of Stone Mountain permit application.

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If you have information on any August 15 far-Right rally participants, please get in contact.