Permit Applications for the Nazi-organized “Salute to President Trump” Rally, September 14th in Dahlonega GA

Update 9/4/2019: We have also received a receipt for a pavilion rental later in the day. See here.

We are publishing the permit applications for the “Salute to President Trump” rally, scheduled to take place on September 14th in Dahlonega, a small city in north Georgia. For an overview of the Dahlonega “Trump” rally and Chester Doles – the neo-Nazi / “fourth-generation Klansman” organizing it – see our article here. The ShieldWall Network, a white supremacist organization, is calling for its members in Georgia and surrounding states to attend Chester Doles’ “Trump” rally.

Chester Doles (center) with his wife Teresa (left) and white supremacist John Michael Estes, shared online by Estes January 2016.

There are two permit applications for the September 14th rally. The first was made by Chester Doles on August 1st but withdrawn on August 9th. On the same day that Doles withdrew his permit application, a new application for the same location and time was made by Dahlonega resident Dustin Penner. Chester Doles states that with the new permit application, Doles is no longer “involved […] in any legal capacity” with the September 14 rally. However, Doles’ own social media activity shows that he remains the lead organizer for the upcoming rally. At the time of writing, Doles has organized a “security detail” which is preparing for violence. Doles is also trying to get attendees to bring vehicles, referring to them as good “crowd control” – an apparent reference to vehicular assault.

The individual on the new permit, Dustin A. Penner, lives on property beside Chester Doles’ home which is also owned by the Doles family. There is every sign that Dustin Penner is serving as a front for Chester Doles when it comes to interactions with the City. Doles’ initial permit application shows that his rally is an attempt to target a local liberal group, which Doles characterizes as “antifa”. In contrast, Dustin Penner’s permit application lacks any rally specifics apart from approximate numbers, not even including a rally title. 

Initial Application from Chester Doles

New Application from Dustin Penner

At the time of writing, there have been no public statements from Georgia Republicans in the 9th District, despite the Nazi-organized rally billing itself as a “Trump” event on flyers.  

We will post updates around the Dahlonega rally and any local responses to it on our Twitter account, so check there for news. If you have further information on Chester Doles, Dustin Penner or the Dahlonega rally, please get in touch.