Documentation: Far-Right “Patriots”/Trump Rally, Dahlonega, Georgia, September 14, 2019 (Gallery 2 of 2)

William Tex Simmons of American Brotherhood of Patriots wearing sunglasses on right.
Paul Lovett of Nationalist Liberty Union on left wearing glasses.
Georgia pro-Trump commentator Lucretia Hughes
III% militia supporter Timothy Justin Frady of Dahlonega
Klan supporters Robert Korom and Cody Cantrell wearing “Trump 2020” caps.
Charlie Edwards and Jovanni Valle
Chester Doles’ son Pierce Rockwell Doles in orange shirt.
Kynan Dutton of the ShieldWall Network
Chester Doles departs on motorbike, with his son Pierce Doles following in black truck.
Confederate Patriot Rebels and Hiwaymen group photo after rally.

Note: We did our best not to include photos of journalists and curiosity-seekers in this album, but due to the nature of event, there may be one or two pictured. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Gallery 1 of 2 here.

If you have information on those who supported the white supremacist-organized rally, please get in contact.