IronMarch Recruiter and Extreme-Right Propagandist “James Futurist” Exposed as Jamie Lee Mallard


We are exposing Jamie Lee Mallard of Georgia as longtime racist and extreme-Right propagandist “James Futurist”. Mallard, whose other aliases include “James Egoist”, James Rockwell, Jameson Blackwell and NeoNationalist, has been active in the white power movement since 2012, including that movement’s most extreme neo-Nazi fringes. For years Mallard promoted IronMarch (IM), a website that birthed other white supremacist organizations such as Vanguard America and the murderous Atomwaffen Division (AWD). Jamie Mallard collaborated with IronMarch’s webmaster, “Slavros”, and had contact with early AWD members including its founder Brandon Russell – now imprisoned on federal explosives charges – and Devon Arthurs, who killed two other members of the group. As “James Futurist”, Mallard appeared on several episodes of IM’s “Mysterium Fasces” podcast.

Jamie Mallard states that he currently lives in Smyrna, Georgia, part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Before his 2019 move, Mallard lived in several southern Georgia communities such as Tifton and later Moultrie. Mallard is a veteran of the US Air Force but now works in information technology. While living in Moultrie, Mallard claims to have had access to the “entire town’s sensitive data” as part of his job. Mallard currently fantasizes about an approaching civil war, or “Boogaloo”. While Mallard maintains a nihilistic and despairing persona, he remains in contact with key players on the racist scene, such as Alt-Right podcaster Mike Peinovich (AKA “Mike Enoch”) and members of the fascist Patriot Front.   

Mallard’s “Jameson Blackwell” VKontakte account also references the skull mask, a symbol popularized by IronMarch.

Identification and Online Presence

Jamie Lee Mallard had two different accounts on IronMarch, an influential neo-Nazi forum which existed from September 2011 until it vanished in late November 2017. The forum’s contents were leaked online in November 2019 and are now hosted in a searchable format by The Jewish Worker. 

Jamie Lee Mallard registered his first account on IM, “Malhard”, in July 2012, using an email address beginning with “j.lee.mallard”. The “Malhard” account last logged in to IronMarch in September 2015.

In August 2015, “James Futurist” registered an account on IM. This account existed until it was banned in December 2016. We will discuss the reasons for this ban later. After the ban, another IronMarch user commented:  

“Fun fact, James has been gassed [banned from the forum, a reference to Nazi gas chambers] before. If you go back through the site you’ll find a user called MalHard which was James’ first account here. […] If any of ya’ll remember NeoNationalist on tumblr that was James as well.”

While the “Malhard” account may have actually been abandoned rather than banned from IM, the rest of the user’s comment is accurate. In a private message, “Malhard” admitted to being the person behind the “NeoNationalist” account on Tumblr. The same Tumblr account is referenced in a private message exchange between “James Futurist” and IM’s webmaster.

The first online archive of the NeoNationalist Tumblr account dates from September 2013, but it had already produced seventeen pages of content by that time. The account was banned by Tumblr in late September or early October 2015. The NeoNationalist account included pictures that are clearly Jamie Lee Mallard. In addition, the account posted a photo of a house on Love Avenue in Tifton, Georgia, where Jamie Lee Mallard once lived.

Mallard poses with weapons, posted 2014 to now-deleted “NeoNationalist” Tumblr.

From this starting point, it was easy to locate other online personas used by Jamie Mallard. Our records revealed that Jamie Mallard once used the name “James Futurist” on, but the Disqus account (@NeoFuturist) has now changed its name to “Jameson Blackwell”. Mallard now also uses the name “Jameson Blackwell” on Instagram and on the Russian social networking site VKontakte. Reddit user @jfuturist is also clearly Jamie Lee Mallard, based on the username, writing style, worldview expressed in comments, and personal details about his life. Other aliases used by Mallard include “James Rockwell” and “James Egoist”.

Current Workplace and Work History

On LinkedIn, Jamie Lee Mallard states that he is currently employed by Shiji Group doing Point of Sale support. Shiji Group is a Beijing-based company that provides technology solutions for the hotel, retail, entertainment and food service industries. The company’s International Office is in Atlanta. Mallard has been working for Shiji Group since September. On LinkedIn and also on a PayPal link we found, Mallard gives his current location as Smyrna, part of Metro Atlanta. 

Jamie Mallard LinkedIn gives location of Smyrna, Georgia 

Prior to his job with Shiji Group and apparent move from southern Georgia, Jamie Mallard worked for almost two years doing tech support for Charis Technology in Moultrie, Georgia. While working this job, Mallard wrote as “JFuturist” on Reddit that it was easy to access “the entire town’s sensitive data” and “passcodes to every single fucking government PC in this town”. Mallard made these comments out of concern that weak security protocols would lead to the City of Moultrie’s information being compromised from outside, with Mallard being the fall guy for the data breach. From our perspective, an active white supremacist having inside access to the City’s data is equally alarming.   

Before his work with Charis Tech in Moultrie, Mallard had two workplaces in Tifton: Plant Telecommunications where he was a network specialist and before that, MacKinnon Equipment, which sells materials handling equipment. 

In 2013, Mallard posted his Air Force wings, dog tags and a SERE patch alongside firearms to his Tumblr.

Mallard is a US Air Force veteran. On his “NeoNationalist” Tumblr blog, Mallard stated that: “I was a SERE [Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape] specialist for my first enlistment and then cross trained to an air crew job on board the [Boeing] E-3 [Sentry] AWACS [Airborne Warning And Control System].” In another post, Mallard shared an image of his Air Force wings and his SERE patch alongside some of his firearms.

Mallard’s first job upon leaving the military was as a Veteran’s Service Representative at Valdosta State University, where Mallard worked from September 2010 to May 2012. By Mallard’s account, it was there he began moving toward fascist politics. In his introductory post for his second account on IM, “James Futurist”, Mallard claims that it was the “rabidly anti-white identity politics” of Occupy Wall Street while he was working on campus, that “rattled” him and led him to racist and antisemitic conclusions. If there is any truth to Mallard’s claims about his radicalization, the transformation must have occurred very rapidly. Occupy Wall Street began in September 2011. Jamie Lee Mallard registered his first account on IronMarch – an openly neo-Nazi forum – in June the next year. 


From its launch in September 2011 until the site went offline in November 2017, IronMarch recruited and indoctrinated a new multinational generation of zealous fascists. The forum was the birthplace of the Atomwaffen Division, a militant neo-Nazi organization which has now been linked to multiple murders, as well as Vanguard America, which the current white supremacist organization Patriot Front splintered from. One of the IM administrators based in the UK was a founder of National Action, a neo-Nazi organization now banned as a terrorist group. IM’s founder is “Slavros” – believed to be Alisher Mukhitdinov – who operated the forum from Russia.

Mallard promotes IronMarch materials (and American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell), NeoNationalist Tumblr, March 2015

A large part of IM’s legacy is its popularization of Siege within the white power movement. That book – which compiled a series of newsletters published by James Mason for the National Socialist Liberation Front during the 1980s – endorses terrorism to hasten the collapse of society and pave the way for a fascist order. IM promoted Siege heavily from 2015 onward and even produced its own edition. Accelerationist neo-Nazi groups such as AWD and The Base have adopted Siege as a key text.

Even before the forum embraced Siege, Jamie Mallard was an active promoter of IM. In a private message exchange from December 2013, “Александр Славрос” (“Alexander Slavros”) asked Mallard to circulate a new propaganda graphic by Slavros on Mallard’s “NeoNationalist” Tumblr. A July 2014 archive from the NeoNationalist Tumblr account also shows propaganda by Slavros. A short-lived successor to Mallard’s NeoNationalist Tumblr, “WhiteFuturist”, also shared a long essay by Slavros in early 2016. 

Jamie Mallard not only promoted Slavros’ materials on Tumblr but recruited for IM on a different site, TheRightStuff (TRS), which was closer to the Alt-Right. An October 2015 post on IM by “Hyperborean Shitlord” stated: “I have been shilling, along with NeoFuturist [i.e. Jamie Lee Mallard …] for A Squire’s Trial and Hammer of the Patriot [over the] last couple of days” on TRS forums. Hammer of the Patriot is a guide to winning debates written by Montreal, Quebec IronMarch moderator and neo-Nazi propagandist Gabriel Sohier-Chaput, also known as “Zeiger”. A Squire’s Trial is an introduction to fascism written in the form of a fictional dialogue. It was authored by Sohier-Chaput (as “Charles Chapel”) and IM site admin Slavros (Alisher Mukhitdinov). 

Video posted by Mallard to Vimeo, attacking the Alt-Right for alleged tolerance of homosexuality 

In mid-2016, Mallard and other IM users were banned from TRS forums. According to IronMarch user “Hyperborean [Shitlord]”, this was because “James Rockwell [Jamie Mallard] triggered them [TRS leaders] in a private FB [Facebook] group” and TRS reacted with a forum ban. In a private message exchange between Mallard and Slavros earlier that year, Mallard discussed his motivation to “funnel” TRS users to IronMarch. Mallard was frustrated with “TRS, alt-right stuff” because of its residual libertarianism – many Alt-Right members arrived from libertarian political backgrounds – and also because of its “complete apathy about f[*]ggotry”. Perceived tolerance toward homosexuality on the Alt-Right was used by Mallard and some others on IM to position themselves as uncompromisingly fascist, in contrast to the Alt-Right which they portrayed as compromised. The month after he was banned from TRS forums, Mallard posted a video on Vimeo attacking the “Alt-Right” over its alleged leniency toward homosexuality.

Now-deleted YouTube account for “James Futurist” circulated James Mason interview. Screenshot from web cache, accessed late 2019. 

By 2015, IM was actively promoting James Mason’s Siege, which celebrates small-group terrorism to bring down the “system” and usher in a National Socialist society. At least initially, Jamie Mallard seems to have shared IM’s enthusiasm for Siege, since his now-deleted “James Futurist” YouTube account hosted a video of its author, James Mason. In leaked chats from the Traditionalist Worker Party – a now-defunct neo-Nazi organization – Mallard/“James Futurist” is referred to by one user as a former “prophet of Siege” who subsequently “left our cult [around James Mason and Siege]”. Mallard’s departure from IM and the “cult” did not mean that he left white supremacist and fascist circles. 

In 2016 comment on The Daily Stormer, Mallard (“natfuturist”) praises Atomwaffen Division propaganda  

Mallard also endorsed early propaganda by Atomwaffen Division. Commenting on a 2016 Daily Stormer article by Sohier-Chaput (“Zeiger”) celebrating AWD posters placed on Boston University campus, Mallard commented: “This [the neo-Nazi posters] is how it’s done”. 

In late 2016, Mallard participated in several episodes of “Mysterium Fasces”, an IM-affiliated podcast “dedicated to the discussion of Christianity and Fascism”. (Several of its guests were non-Christians.) Mallard appeared as “James Futurist” in the first episode of October 2016, as well as episodes five, six, eight, and finally episode nine in early December 2016. On the podcast, Mallard appeared alongside Daily Stormer webmaster Andrew Anglin (once), Traditionist Worker Party leader Matthew Heimbach (once), Slavros (twice) and Gabriel Sohier-Chaput/“Zeiger” (three times). On episode eight, the Mysterium Fasces host “Florian Geyer” gave Mallard half the episode to present his views on the “PizzaGate” conspiracy theory. 

Mysterium Fasces episode rehosted on YouTube

While Jamie Mallard was a busy propagandist during his time on IM, he periodically went through periods of dejection. In September 2014 Mallard/“James Futurist” wrote in a private message that white people have “been defeated on a level that the world has never seen” by “Jews” and that Mallard was “done”. Despite this claim, Mallard remained active on the forum and in the white supremacist movement. In March 2015, Mallard posted publicly on IM that “1945 was our last stand and we lost”, yet he again continued with the racist movement.

Mallard was finally banned from IM in December 2016, approximately the same time as his final podcast appearance on Mysterium Fasces. One month earlier, Mallard had commented favorably on an article written by “Gregory Hood” (real name Kevin DeAnna) for the white nationalist Radix Journal. In his post, Mallard claimed that direct “armed insurrection or violent revolution” endorsed by Siege was unrealistic in the context of the US, and that Siege adherents were actually engaging in a form of “LARPing” (Live Action Role Playing) as criticized by “Hood”/DeAnna. Mallard cited the neo-fascists of Italy’s Casa Pound movement and Greece’s fascist Golden Dawn as providing better models. This appears to have gone over poorly, with another IM user mocking Mallard as “James Conservative” for the comments following Mallard’s forum ban.

In May 2017, a few months after Mallard’s IM ban, Devon Arthurs killed two of his roommates in Tampa, Florida. Devon Arthurs was a co-founder of AWD who was active on IM as TheWeisseWolfe” but had converted to Islam. Arthurs’ victims were also AWD members. A fourth roommate, Brandon Russell, was “Odin” on IM and led AWD. Russell is currently serving a five-year prison sentence for bomb-making materials discovered at the shared apartment following Arthurs’ killings. By the time of the killings, Mallard had established a new account on TheRightStuff forums as “James Futarist” (sic) and commented: “I’ve tried talking sense into Devon [Arthurs] and Odin [Brandon Russell] on many occasions.” By that time, Mallard had expressed concern about Siege-style Nazi insurrectionism, while continuing to promote fascist and white supremacist movements. Mallard had also spent years promoting and recruiting for IM, the site where AWD developed.

Jamie Mallard and the Broader Alt-Right

We discussed how Jamie Mallard tried to set himself apart from much of the Alt-Right, for example by using severe homophobia to distinguish his brand of fascism from others. However, to some degree this was a kind of friendly rivalry. Even the task of funneling TheRightStuff members to IronMarch entailed some level of good relations with the host site, since otherwise bans would have occurred much sooner. Shortly after being banned from TRS forums along with other IM supporters, Mallard claimed in a private message that he was still “cool with Enoch” – an alias for Michael Peinovich, the head of TRS. Mallard appeared as “James Rockwell” in a list of “Enoch”/Peinovich’s Facebook friends from January 2017. Mallard was eventually able to start posting again on the TRS forum. 

Mallard’s “James Rockwell” Facebook account, 2017

Without a home on IM – which went offline completely in late 2017 – Mallard became a floating personality on the white nationalist scene. Mallard’s propaganda activity may have slowed from the years he was on IronMarch, but it never stopped. To this day, Mallard maintains ties with key fascist and white supremacist organizers.

Daily Stormer masthead designed by Jamie Mallard, October 2016

Even before Mallard’s time ended on IM, he was supporting other fascist projects. In 2016, he won a contest to design a new masthead for The Daily Stormer, an antisemitic and white supremacist website that Mallard’s IM associate Sohier-Chaput also wrote for. Mallard’s retro-wave design for The Daily Stormer spotlights the insignia of the Nazi SS and was featured on the site in October 2016. 

In May 2017, Mallard cheered for The Daily Stormer after it published a misogynist rant, “Just What are Traditional Gender Roles?” by Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer. Auernheimer argued – with tongue only slightly in cheek – for marital rape, to reduce the status of women to property, and to beat or kill any woman who complains. The underlying hatred of feminism and women’s rights is sincere, and apparently shared by Mallard.

Meme posted by Jamie Mallard to “Gabber Hangout” chat, December 2016

Mallard appeared under the name “James Egoist” in leaked far-Right channels from the Discord chat platform, which were published online by the Unicorn Riot independent media collective. Mallard’s handle in these chats is seemingly a reference to the “Egoism” of individualist anarchist Max Stirner, whose writing has occasionally been appropriated by the far-Right. (Jamie Mallard is explicitly not an anarchist, however.) One of the Discord servers Mallard appeared in, “Gabber Hangout”, was a means for far-Right users of the Gab social network to coordinate away from that site. Mallard’s posts in the “Gabber Hangout” date from December 2016. In April 2017, Mallard/“James Egoist” also appeared in the “Vibrant Diversity” server, described by one member as “the most elite discord server in the Alt Right.” While that server later helped with planning for “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, Virginia, Mallard’s chat on the server is limited to April 2017 and does not concern the rally.

Mallard (“NeoFuturist”) jokes about Heather Heyer’s murder two days afterward

On the day of Unite the Right, 2017, after Heather Heyer had been murdered and dozens of others injured, Jamie Mallard commented on Breitbart News that “the Jewish wing of your organization is going to have to deal with the fact that half of their reader base was at this rally or supported it” and urged the site not to condemn the “people at […] these events.” Two days after the rally, Mallard joked about anti-racist protester Heather Heyer’s murder. On Voat – a more Alt-Right-friendly version of Reddit – Mallard posted an image asking how one’s views had changed since the Charlottesville rally, then quipped: “I’m reconsidering getting a Dodge Challenger actually.” White supremacist murderer James Alex Fields, Jr. used his Challenger to plow into a crowd of anti-racist protesters, killing Heyer. 

Past Two Years

Since late 2017 and the Alt-Right’s reversal of fortune after Charlottesville, Mallard has continued his extreme-Right propaganda. Among his other many other posts, Mallard posted a Holocaust-denial rant to Reddit in June 2018. Mallard seems to have been involved with a Facebook meme page with thousands of followers, “Black Pill Memes for Fatalist Teens”, though few traces of that page currently remain.

2019 VK post by Mallard commented on by two Patriot Front members from Texas. (One references racist propagandist Mike Peinovich.)

Recent online activity shows that Mallard is a sympathizer – though possibly not a member – of Patriot Front, the white supremacist organization which broke off from Vanguard America soon after Unite the Right. On Voat, Mallard shared a video by Patriot Front in April 2018, highlighting the organization’s recent efforts. Patriot Front is one of seven pages followed by “James Futurist” on the Busy social media platform, which Mallard joined in December 2017. Since November 2019, Mallard has been active on the Russian social networking site VKontakte (VK) under the name “Jameson Blackwell”, where he gives his location as “Atlanta”. As well as his connections to TheRightStuff head Mike Peinovich and affiliated antisemite “Morrakiu”/“Tyrant Fashister”, Mallard’s VK account is linked to several Patriot Front members. On VK, Mallard associates with Texas Patriot Front organizers “Braxton Bragg” (Joseph Nicolas Brown), “Alexander Reese” (likely Erik Sailors), and Joffre Cross who recently pleaded guilty on federal weapons charges.

On Instagram, Mallard shows some of his weapons in irony-tinged posts

In addition to VK account, Mallard is currently active on Twitter. From August to December of last year, he maintained an Instagram account sharing memes about the “Boogaloo” – a far-Right term for an approaching civil war. In one of his posts from December 2019, Mallard displayed what looks like an AT4 unguided rocket launcher. However, these are single-use weapons and according to open source arms researchers the image likely shows a used tube. Although Mallard describes his Instagram page as “satire and jokes”, a glance through his posts shows that Mallard endorses the violent, apocalyptic fantasies of the US far-Right.


We have spent a long time tracing Jamie Lee Mallard’s history, since he is a well-connected member of the white supremacist movement with many years of propaganda and recruitment behind him. The forum which Mallard initially recruited for, IronMarch, was the birthplace of several notorious neo-Nazi organizations and spawned a new wave of neo-Nazi terrorism. Mallard not only worked with key members of IM such as “Slavros” and “Zeiger”, but by his own admission discussed with the initial leadership of Atomwaffen Division “on many occasions”.

Since being booted from IM, Mallard has supported other white supremacist projects, such as promoting The Daily Stormer website and Patriot Front. While he was living in Moultrie, Georgia, Mallard claimed he had easy access to local government computers. According to his recent online information, Mallard is currently based in Smyrna, Georgia and working for Shiji Group. After many years as an anonymous but influential white supremacist, Jamie Mallard can no longer lead a double life. 

If you have further information on Jamie Lee Mallard or other white supremacists in our state, please get in contact.